Energicity at ARMA 2013

Energicity are proud to sponsor ARMA’s landmark 2013 conference. ARMA Q marks a new dawn for the residential leasehold sector and an extraordinarily positive one for leaseholders.

At Energicity our sole aim is  to assist and empower ARMA’s growing membership to tackle rising service charges by challenging the existing running and repair costs of a single building or an entire portfolio. We also work extremely hard to make a real difference to the medium to long term financial future of residential developments. Changes made now will pay significant dividends in the years to come.

We aim to be an extremely positive, new and exciting part of the residential managing agents armoury. Energicity will be delighted to work with you and your clients to challenge historic thinking and play a leading role in the intervention that tackles a previously fixed cost.

We are ready to help you, help your clients grasp the power to reduce property costs.

Contact us to find out how we can.


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