Advanced technology. A simple premise: saving.

When it comes to having a positive impact on residential developments, Energicity will save you money. We utilise the latest technology to transform your development into a smart, efficient and extremely low maintenance proposition for years to come. Your savings will be driven by the reduction in your energy usage, so as well as saving money – you can be proud that a positive contribution to the environment is being made at the same time.

The changes we recommend will make a difference. They will ease the headaches you and your clients encounter when trying to tackle ever increasing service charges but also provide a platform to consistently increase the reserve funds as the property ages.

Energicity is here to assist you and your clients to be extremely proactive in your approach to exploring commercial technology solutions that will make a real difference for many years to come.

We offer four core services:

Take the test before you invest

We stand full square behind our energy and cost reduction promises and we understand that you and your clients will want to be engaged every step of the way. That’s why we take a different approach, we have a clear, client focussed seven step process that will educate and engage. We will listen very carefully to what it is you would like to achieve. Most of our clients come with a simple request – “Can you help us  save money?” The answer is very likely to be yes, and we’d love to come and tell you how.

Value worth its weight in money – and energy saved

We know others won’t charge for a survey, but ask yourself – what are you actually getting? Not a great deal of factual information is the short answer. Most likely someone will attend your development, and then perform an inaccurate desktop calculation, suggesting that you recommend to your client they expend a vast amount of money on something they have not been involved or engaged with. We provide an absolutely clear, client-focused 7-step process. Contact us today to find out how that process can have an immediate effect on your development.


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