Assessment & Monitoring

A true partner on your side:the side of saving

You can always save money on your development. You could always reduce your carbon footprint. But with Energicity’s knowledge of the residential leasehold environment, together with our technical expertise, you can do both – and continue to make more savings.

We carry out a full detailed site assessment at your convenience, but unlike others, you’ll get a desktop calculation and quite possibly a recommendation that you spend a vast amount of money on equipment you haven’t seen.

With Energicity, you can have clear, real time information of the facts and figures taken from your development. Only the provision of this information will allow you to see he positive effect you can have on your consumption and expenditure from day one.

It’s part of Energicity’s unique 7-step process, geared towards saving you money and keeping you informed throughout.

Why not find out more about why we are different and more importantly what difference we can make to you and your clients.


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