Energy Management

Measure it. Improve it.
Do it with Energicity.

If it’s metered, Energicity can monitor it. Which means you can manage it. Your energy consumption is not only a big drain on finances, it’s also often unpredictable variable which can lead to unpleasant surprises when it’s time to place the actual expenditure alongside the budget.

From voltage optimisation to energy monitoring and smart metering, there are many ways we can help you save. And with Energicity’s real-time consumption reporting, you can start managing a whole array of residential leasehold service charges.

We are able to pull together the detail of all the power being used at your site in real time information and help you and your clients to interrogate that information on a granular level to decide just which areas should be the priority. This type of information is invaluable if you and your clients are wanting to take a strategic approach on a large complex residential or mixed use development.

Energicity will lift the lid on what is costing you a lot and what is costing a little, so that you can be absolutely on the money with the decisions that are made.

Don’t just talk to Energicity about Energy Management, start tackling it – and saving, today.


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