Qualified to install.
Ready to save.

A very important part of our offering is that we are able to provide you with the complete service, from the early assessment and monitoring, through installation and that all-important intervention monitoring.

Whether you’re having the latest LED technology installed, voltage optimisation, energy monitoring or smart metering, you can rest-assured, Energicity’s installation teams are fully qualified – not only in their field of expertise, but also in taking care of your property.

No matter what size your development, Energicity can save you money – and you’ll be able to see your potential return on investment almost immediately.

What’s more, we will guarantee it.

We can install monitoring equipment on our own installations, giving you up-to-date and accurate reporting on just how much more cost-efficient your development is becoming – and what an intelligent decision you made.

Retrofit – for low cost and low consumption

Making the right move into saving energy and money is not the huge disruption that some may envisage. In fact, with Energicity’s ability to retrofit the latest, low carbon technology – we can make a huge difference to your development with the smallest impact on the property itself – no matter how old it is.

Retrofit is not always the answer and we will encourage all of our clients to keep in mind the total cost of ownership. These types of decisions are driven by the age and condition of the existing fittings. No two developments are the same – so as always, just ask.

LED emergency lighting – a great way to see the benefits of Energicity

If it’s your responsibility to have a robust testing regime in place for emergency lighting, it’s an emergency when failures are found. Costs of repairs are usually significant, not to mention the difficulty of sourcing an appropriate, competitive repairer. All whilst you and your development are at risk through having faulty emergency systems.

Why not turn emergency lighting issues into a positive with Energicity? Contact Energicity now and we’ll give you a quotation within 2 working days of receiving the required information, usually contained on your test certificate.

Why an Energicity quote is different

LED Emergency Lighting is much cheaper to run, lasts longer and whilst you are faced with the need to replace existing emergency lighting, it would be foolhardy to not take this opportunity to upgrade to LED. On top of this you can be sure that as part of an Energicity quote you will benefit from the following.


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