So many ways to tackle rising service charges

The technology is at the cutting edge. The aim is to cut costs, consumption – and many of the headaches so often associated with managing the finances of a residential leasehold developments.

We stand full-square behind our money-saving promises at Energicity. Our proposals aren’t desktop calculations, but facts you can work with – and our technology works. That’s why we GUARANTEE to make savings on your behalf, with current technology, including:

Turn urgency into opportunity with Energicity

When it comes to Emergency Lighting, it’s vital to have a robust testing regime in place. When failures are found, it’s an emergency for you in terms of quickly rectifying the situation. Costs of repairs are usually significant, as is the difficulty of finding and booking an appropriate, competitive repairer. All whilst you and your development are at risk through having faulty emergency systems.

With Energicity, you can turn emergency lighting issues into a positive with a quotation
within 2 working days of receiving the required information, usually contained on your test certificate.

Before long, you’ll see our monitoring equipment clearly shows the savings that can be made. Contact us today to start making a difference to your development – immediately.


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