If you can measure it, you can manage it.

With Energicity’s real-time energy usage information, you’re immediately armed with the tools to declare war on over-expenditure and instantly solve any complex issues between varying levels of service charges.

We can give you and your clients real time information that allows a crystal clear picture of energy usage and cost at your development. We can provide you with an energy map of the entire communal usage – with that kind of information, the right decisions will always be taken.

Furthermore, we’re able to tell you and your clients where your money is being spent. That means giving you the exact detail on what each type of equipment is costing, whether that be Lighting, Pump Set, Air Handling, Leisure Facility Equipment or just the roller shutter door. Energicity is able to give you real time usage/cost facts and figures on the equipment in use in your building. This information will allow you and your clients to target the right areas first.

With the big picture at your fingertips and a myriad of online reports allowing you and your clients to slice and dice the data, it’s no wonder more agents and their clients are asking Energicity to empower them to directly reduce consumption – and costs.


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