Knowledge is power

Accurate power billing saves money – and time.

Smart metering can mean very different things to different people.

In its simplest form, it will provide a very small benefit to you and the supplier, quite simply no more estimated bills.

Smart metering can do so much more. It can give you vital information on your development and allow you to compare with previous periods, interrogate high periods of usage and unlock the facts that will allow you and your clients to make the right decisions for your building.

The Government is pushing towards smart metering but this will only ever provide actual billing, it will not provide access to the data that can make such a difference.

The Government’s plans for smart metering may not cover your property. Smart meters will be required by law for large supplies in the profile class 05, 06, 07 and 08 by April 2014 but from our perspective, that’s an opportunity missed for those high users. For domestic households in the class 01 and 02, the deadline is 2020.

What hasn’t been addressed by the Government are the supplies in the profile classes, 03 and 04 – which could leave you open to inaccurate billing and of course, overspending. With up-to-date reports on energy use, smart metering from Energicity can help you save – and budget for years to come.

If you’re property has a profile class of 03 through to 08, there is a clear benefit in exploring the full potential of smart metering. Contact us to find out more.