During August 2014, Energicity completed a significant Manchester project for our client City Gate Management Company Limited.

City Gate  is a landmark development and we were delighted to add it to our portfolio of projects.

Energicity delivered a cost saving programme at City Gate that is now providing huge savings in energy and maintenance costs for the leaseholders in the car park and one of the blocks. We have now been asked to review the other areas of the building, now initial cost savings have built up a residue, they are now able to complete the works.

Energicity Managing Director Bill Spray commented “We were delighted to have been chosen to deliver this significant project. The leading edge technology we use allows us to alter any lighting system we install to the residents requirements, any post project amendments are made at no cost to the client. Our role is to deliver not only the project and the savings but also complete client satisfaction”

The return on Investment for the second phapse of this project is anticipated to be an incredible one year and seven months but all of our clients have the comfort of Energicity’s post project analysis.

Energicity provides all its clients with post project analysis on how their cost saving programmes are performing to ensure that the projected savings are being achieved.

Energicity work nationally, please contact us for more details.