Project Description

The Brief

Premier Estates Ltd engaged Energicity in July 2017, to carry out a detailed evaluation of existing energy expenditure on one of the tallest residential blocks in Sheffield.

The Challenges

  • Significantly reduce energy costs, whilst maintaining aesthetics.
  • Maintaining lux levels – Reduce the overall number of lights, whilst giving off the same level of light in the communal areas.
  • Viable proposition – Ensure that ROI is met within a reasonable time and offer a potential finance solution alongside this period.

The Solution

Energicity and the residents’ association conducted extensive trials to ensure that the potential savings were proven beyond doubt and also to ensure that the style of lighting, lighting controls, light levels and colour temperature met the clients exacting requirements. The client settled on group controlled dimmable LED lighting with Lutron wireless motion controls. The total annual savings (energy and repair / maintenance) were confirmed as £31,601 (figure 1). An ROI of under 2 years (Figure 2). We provided the client with a finance solution (detailed in figure 3)

Figure 1 

Furthermore, figure 2 shows ROI being achieved in under 2 years, then providing a further £3,000 additional funds per month to utilise towards other projects within the building.

Figure 2 

Energicity worked with the residents to ensure the style of the new fittings and lighting controls enhanced the communal areas and didn’t compromise on levels of light they were used to.


The Outcome

The project progressed with recommended lighting and controls and the finance model proposed. The funding option allowed clients to proceed with an affordable, completion payment, followed by 18 monthly payments, which were less than their monthly savings so immediately generated a positive net cashflow position.

Figure 3 

money saved
Annual Savings
money saved
0 Months
money saved
0 Tonnes
C02 Saved

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          Our Client Said

I always find Energicity a pleasure to work with. They always have costs savings at the forefront of proposals and this aligns them with ourselves and our residents. The Energicity Team do a great job and have rolled out numerous successful projects for me.

Andrew Moores, Senior Estates Manager, Premier Estates

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Download the Case Study PDF