Project Description

The Brief

Energicity Limited was requested to undertake a detailed review of the communal areas that serve The Odyssey in London. The intention of the review was to ascertain whether there was opportunity to implement smarter solutions in respect of energy usage and running costs within the landlord’s communal areas which included both internal and external works.

The Challenges

  • A lengthy audit – The Odyssey consists of 4 blocks, each with differing specifications the audit and consultancy exercise took several months.

  • Managing the aesthetics – Trial lights were fitted in different areas to enable the managing agent and residents to see, first hand, what savings there were to be made and how the appearance of the building would change.

  • Long term solution – Ensuring that what we provided would allow the client to effectively manage and maintain the lighting system for the long term.

  • Resident concerns – To ensure that appropriate lighting levels would be maintained at all times as the residents were used to lights operating constantly.

The Solution

Energicity completed a full audit of the existing communal lighting, historical communal energy costs and the levels of expenditure regarding repair and maintenance costs associated to the lighting across the previous 3 years.

A micro monitoring process was undertaken which allowed the client to have clear sight of the actual energy costs attributed to each type of light within the communal areas. Sample light fittings were installed which included high quality LED lighting with smart controls. This trial provided additional savings data and allowed residents to review the aesthetics of the new lighting solution in real time and during different day parts, over a period of time. This ensured all residents were onboard with the project.

The Outcome

Energicity installed a solution where ‘anyone’ could change the LED light moving forward. We used the ‘quick change’ LED lamp-based fitting that enables the concierge or site manager to easily change bulbs in the future without the need to call out a specialist. This helped us to meet the clients need by removing the cyclical capital cost of call out charges for The Odyssey.

The project was delivered by Energicity in December 2017 and will hit ROI in 27 months. The implementation of this lighting scheme will ultimately have the effect of providing £2,700 of revenue per month.

All lights contain replaceable LED lamps meaning the lighting system can be maintained in the long term without the need for electricians.

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          Our Client Said

We received an excellent full circle and personal service from first contact to completion of the project. We continue to receive great post completion care with timely responses to any issue raised. More significantly our leaseholders have already benefitted from an improved lighting environment and financial savings as we are on course to repay the investment within the next couple of years.

Shami Gond, Development Manager, The Odyssey

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Download the Case Study PDF