Project Description

The Brief

Energicity Limited was requested by Rendall & Rittner, to undertake a detailed review of the communal areas that serve Imperial Wharf. The intention of the review was to ascertain whether there was opportunity to implement smarter solutions in respect of energy usage and running costs within the landlord’s communal as this sits has significant electricity costs.

The Challenges

  • Out of control – Whilst there are many types of lights at the development, it was specifically uncontrolled corridor lighting that accounted for 73% of lighting energy costs so this swiftly became the focus of our proposal.

  • Managing the aesthetics – It was apparent some lights had been poorly fitted with cut outs too large for the downlight, giving unsightly gaps. There were also Emergency lights installed next to emergency lights, using unnecessary items and expenditure.

  • Resident concerns – As the residents were familiar with lights operating constantly it was important we installed a product that the light level was variable so we could alter this and address any future concerns easily.

The Solution

Energicity installed new Intelligent downlights with individual integral, microwave motion sensors. All lights were of a consistent colour temperature and were set to operate according to their environment with the ability to operate in Dimmed or On/Off mode. This ensured that only the lights that are actually required switch on, rather than switching all corridor lights on, maximising savings.

Most lights were set to ‘off’ for maximum cost benefits, however, a few areas were set to ultra-low energy dimmed mode to provide a constant, ambient light for the safety and comfort of residents. We also specified a hole adapter that allowed the new lights to cover any cut out issues around the bezel of the existing lights. All existing lights were removed and recycled through our membership of Recolight, ensuring strict compliance with the WEEE regulations.

The Outcome

Energicity installed over 1,160 LED downlights with a 3 year ‘no quibble’ warranty on all parts and labour, removing repair & maintenance costs for the full period, providing budget certainty.

The project was delivered by Energicity in September 2023 and will hit ROI in 22 months. This project pays for itself each month in the savings made. The energy savings delivered by the project will be in excess of £74k per annum, (over £200K within 4 years).  The ability to deliver such savings is a combination of ultra-efficient LED lighting and smart controls.

Delivering lighting projects to leasehold residential properties is Energicity’s core business and we have unrivalled experience in this field. We know that it is not always possible to immediately proceed with projects due to funding issues, lack of sinking funds, or consultation requirements.

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          Our Client Said

“We received an excellent full circle and personal service from first contact to completion of the project at Imperial Wharf. We continue to receive great post completion care with timely responses to any issue raised. More significantly our leaseholders have already benefitted from an improved lighting environment, and we’ve observed a decrease in electricity expenses, as we anticipate that this project will continue to yield financial benefits for leaseholders in the long run.”

Sophie Green, Senior Property Manager, Rendall & Rittner

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Download the Case Study PDF